Welcome to My Home Page

Josh Metzler


I spend time with my wife, Erin, and two kids, Caleb (3 yrs) and Naomi (6 months).

I help maintain Debian's KDE packages.

I enjoy competing in TopCoder algorithm competitions.

I am an elder in the church we attend.

I work doing computer programming and some remote sensing research at ISCIENCES, L.L.C.


Here is my blog.

Contact me if you want to see our family website with lots of pictures.


I have been helping users in #debian-kde on freenode and responding to bug reports for some time now. I started helping out the debian-qt-kde team with packaging KDE with the release of KDE 3.5 RC1.

I recently wrote up instructions for getting Canon's i250 linux drivers working on Debian.


I became addicted to Sudoku puzzles, and created this website so that I and others could enjoy playing.


I have enjoyed competing in TopCoder algorithm competitions for over three years now.

Here is my TopCoder member page.

Monte carlo simulation results for the 2005 TopCoder Open

Simulation results and finalist info for the 2005 Google Code Jam

Other TopCoder related stuff.