CallWave Remove

Remove Service Through CallWave Software

If you search for "cancel" on the CallWave homepage, the top hit is this page which has a great walkthrough for canceling your CallWave service. In case the page moves, here are the steps:

  1. Connect to the internet and start your CallWave software.
  2. Click the "Menu" Button.
  3. Select "Review My Account" which will launch your web browser.
  4. Click the Review Billing tab.
  5. Click the "Click here to cancel" link.

Cancel Service Online Without CallWave Software

If you have uninstalled the CallWave software, you can still login to the cancel page here.

Terminate Service by Phone or Mail

According to the CallWave terms of service (Item 21), you can terminate your service by calling 1-800-816-2947 or in writing at:

CallWave, Inc.
Attn.: Customer Care Department
PO Box 609
Santa Barbara, CA 93102

Other Steps

The terms of service also state that you must contact third-party service providers to stop forwarding inbound calls to CallWave, or CallWave will not cancel the service.

Why Does This Page Exist?

For some reason, someone e-mailed the debian-devel mailing list asking to be removed from CallWave. Due to the nature of mailing list archives, with related e-mails linking to one another, they tend to have a high page rank. So, people found this message and somehow decided that debian-devel was the right place to ask for removal of CallWave. I got fed up with it and replied with basically these instructions, but now that post is the top hit on Google for "callwave remove". And, people still write asking to have their CallWave service cancelled. This is an attempt to change that.